How to Stay Top of Mind and Get Clients During COVID.

Recently I was on Facebook when my friend Brian Fanzo posed the question

“during these virtual, work from home and no conference life how are you avoiding out of sight, out of mind?”

The question got me thinking. How do I stay relevant and top of mind during these times when we can’t be physically in front of our ideal audience? For me, the answer is what it has been for several years now… Video.

That’s right. I have always been an advocate for utilizing video for branding. There are just so many benefits to utilizing video in your marketing. So in this article, I am going to share with you why video helps you stay in front of the people who matter and gets you more attention and thus more money for your bottom line.

Be sure to read to the end when I share one key truth that you must employ no matter what kind of content you are producing in order to be successful…This one thing helped me make over $40k last year directly because of my video content. (not my full income but the money that I can track to my video content).

Benefit Number One

Video builds trust.

That’s right! Using video in your online marketing and branding is a great way to build trust and make a connection with your audience. Videos that feature your face or the face of a person at your company helps build trust even faster by putting a face and personality behind your brand. In a world that is becoming increasingly online-based, building trust is challenging. But when viewers can see, hear and experience you on video, whether live or recorded, they start to build rapport and trust with you and are more likely to make the decision to buy from you or refer business to you.

Benefit Number Two

Video helps you make more money.

Did you know that 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands? It’s true. And when you deliver these types of content pieces that people want they are also more likely to buy from you! According to Tubular Insights, 64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms. Plus a study by Unbounce found that including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%!

Benefit Number Three

Video is easy to create

Okay I know that doesn’t sound right but let me explain. There are SO many types of video content to choose from that you can pick and choose what works best for you and your business. You can easily use a tool like to Livestream to multiple social media networks and extend your reach without having to edit anything. Or you can record a video and edit it very easily using something like Filmora Wondershare or even something super simple like iMovie.

If you are not comfortable in front of the camera you can create short and easy to produce video content using a tool like InVideo which has tons of templates to choose from and can be used across various social media platform (think of it like the Canva of video production), or you can take your blog posts and turn them into videos (also available in InVideo). There are just so many options to choose from for every comfort level!

Benefit Number Four

Video positions you as an expert.

You do not need a college degree or any certifications to be considered an expert in the online space. All you need is a camera, some knowledge, and value to share. People LOVE people who share what they know. And one of the BEST places to put videos for this kind of video content is on YouTube!

According to Google, 65% of people use YouTube to help them solve a problem.

And that is no lie. I mean my husband was able to learn how to tile our bathroom with the help of YouTube and I make a pretty nice living off of teaching people how to use ManyChat for Chat Marketing with my Baby Got Bot YouTube Channel. It is no wonder that Over 1.9 billion people use YouTube. That’s about one-third of the internet! And it is the second-largest search engine in the world. If you have the knowledge to share, YouTube can help you become the expert you want to be in your viewer’s eyes!

And now that I have covered four of the biggest benefits of video marketing and branding, let me share with you the number one key truth to being successful in content marketing. No matter what the medium is you choose for your content.

You must be consistent.

I know that seems obvious but so little content creators create consistently. I will give you an example. I have been on YouTube since 2008, but for the first 10 years, I only sporadically put videos on my channel. Well in 2018 I launched my Baby Got Bot channel where I teach people how to create messenger bots using ManyChat. Now I have nearly 9,000 followers and have made a lot of money through partnerships, courses, speaking engagements, and consulting all directly sourced to that channel. But it would have NEVER have happened if I was not consistent.

So whether you are doing a live broadcast once a week on Facebook, publishing a YouTube video once per week on YouTube, or creating any other kind of content on pretty much any social network. You need to show up consistently to make it work for you. Because the hard truth is, nothing happens overnight. If you want to stay top of mind, you need to be in front of your audience consistently.

You need to show up consistently to make it work for you.

Now I want to hear from you! What is one benefit that you have noticed from doing video content for your brand? OR if you are not currently doing video content, what is your favorite platform to watch video on? Let me know in the comments below.



Social media consultant, entrepreneur, wife, mother and all around curious soul. I have dyslexia so please excuse my horrid spelling…Enjoy my random ramblings

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Kelly Mirabella

Social media consultant, entrepreneur, wife, mother and all around curious soul. I have dyslexia so please excuse my horrid spelling…Enjoy my random ramblings