NEW ManyChat Features Oct. 6, 2020

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters are a way to suggest questions new users can ask your page to initiate the subscription process. This can be in lieu of the Get Started Button.


You now have the ability to undo and redo things. For example, if you accidentally delete your flow, you can now undo that action. Fix the oops moments in your building!

Folders for Custom Fields

Now you can better organize all of your CUFs

Hide accounts from the sidebar

Do you have too many pages on your sidebar? No worries! Just go to My Profile in your ManyChat dashboard and click the eye to hide that account from your sidebar. You can unhide at any time.

Pinned Accounts

If you have pages/accounts you want to pin to the top for easy access just go to My Profile and click the star next to the page.

Flexible Facebook Page Connect

Create a bot in one account then disconnect from the test page and reconnect to a new page. NOTE: Subscribers do not follow the page! This is for accounts you want to test first then connect to another page for production. Also, make sure you disconnect Pro accounts before disconnecting.

SMS/Email Wallet

Make paying for SMS and Email easier. Select in time payments or set up auto-fill with limits to spend.

Mobile App Updates:

Added contact tags so you can see your audience and segments

Different Menus (AKA Dynamic Menus)

Now you can show different menus to different users based on tags. To do this go to Settings > Messenger > Edit Menu > + Dynamic Menus. In the flow event when tag is applied > Connect to action “Change Menu” > Select Menu > Publish

Comment Growth tool LIKE & COMMENT

You can now like and comment (reply to comment) on post automatically! I am really excited about this update. An example of a message you might reply with is “Thank you for commenting! We just sent you a message so be sure to check your inbox.”

Smart Delay upgrades:

  • Smart delay by seconds
  • Smart delay by specific Date (make sure if you are properly using your message tags for this. Focus on applying OTN here)

User input expiration time

Previously the standard expiration for a user input was 24 hours. Now you can customize the expiration time. So you can do 10 minutes and automatically it will check if the user filled in the user input and if not you can send a follow-up. This will take away the need to add tags and conditions to “check” if the users answer your questions.

Shopify Item Block

Auto populates products from Shopify account and lets you highlight them in the flow.

ManyChat App Store

You don’t need coding or technical know-how to configure these awesome tools and build stellar bot flows for yourself and your clients!

Email Custom Name and From Address

Helps with branding and increases delivery rates.

Users can now reply to you from the email you send via Manychat

New Email Builder allows you to have more customizable control.


  • Text
  • Buttons — Customizable by color, shape and size
  • Video
  • Share features
  • Image
  • Divider
  • Footer
  • Cards
  • Gallery
  • Products

GIFTS FOR Conversations Attendees with current pro accounts (through the end of 2020)

  • 20k FREE SMS Messages
  • 200K FREE emails

Gifts for non-Conversations Conference Attendees:

  • 100,000 free emails through 2020
  • 10k free SMS messages through 2020



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