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Welcome to the Social Media Saturday Update, the place where I break down all the latest in social media news, updates, and rumors. My Kelly Noble Mirabella, this is the Business as Unusual Show and today’s episode is brought to you by Social Media Marketing World 2018. SMMW is THE place to learn about all the latest in social media and digital marketing from the brightest and best minds and influencers. I am thrilled to be attending this amazing conference again in February 2018 and hope to see you there too! Learn more at Okay on to today’s show! Let’s dig in! (Want to learn more about how SMMW changed my career path for the better? Click here to listen to the episode where I tell my story.

Let’s start today’s episode off with an update to one of my favorite apps. Anchor. For those of you who are not familiar with anchor, it is a fantastic micro podcasting app that I actually use to create all the podcast you here on Business as Unusual. Recently they did an app update which now allows you to record with friends. Previously you would go through what they called the interview option which would have your guest calling an Anchor dedicated phone number that would then record your interview. Now that feature is gone and all recordings are done within the Anchor app. You can go for up to 90 minutes with up to 7 people at once. Let’s quickly cover the pros and cons of this move from Anchor. First the Pros: Yes, it is far easier to record broadcast with other app users plus the quality of the recording seems to be slightly improved. You still have the option to save broadcasts as a draft (although this is hidden so be sure to look at my screen captures for details) and you can have more people on your call at once. Now some cons: While I think it is a great feature to build community within the Anchor userbase, it is not the best solution for those of us who use Anchor to produce our podcasts. If I wanted to do an interview with someone who does not have or want to use Anchor then I would be right back to use tools like Skype or Zoom. Not totally a step backward for users like myself as I already prefer to use the later mentioned apps over Anchor for this purpose. The other issue I see is there is little use for more than 2 or maybe 3 people max to be on a sound recording. With more people on the call, it diminishes the quality of content on the listers end. Things can get overwhelming and confusing really fast. Moral of the story, if you are simply using Anchor for community building within the app you may love this new update. If you are using Anchor as a creator for podcast listeners you may find it to be a useless feature that you may not use.

Here is the breakdown of what’s new in the latest update via the app store:

NEW: Record With Friends! It’s the easiest way to record audio with other people, ever. Here’s what’s new:

- High-quality group recording

- Record with up to 7 friends at once

- Record remotely with anyone in the world

- Plus, Record With Friends is super easy to use. It’s built right into the main recording experience of Anchor so you can jump in seamlessly.

I recently updated my Facebook app on my android device and found a couple of cool hidden gems I thought you may be interested in. Earlier I reported that Facebook was testing out polling with Gifs on some Publisher pages. Well, it would appear that I was given access to Gif polls on my personal profile via the mobile app. I believe this feature will roll out to all users over the coming weeks so keep an eye out. If you already have this feature I would love to hear from you. Be sure to tweet to me with a screen grab at Tweet to @stellar247

It would appear that Facebook is rolling out or testing a new comment mode for Facebook live users. This would give broadcasters the option to control what kind of comments can be shared during the broadcast. New features include:

  • Followers Only: Only your followers will be able to leave comments
  • Slow Mode: Commenters will only be able to comment every 10 seconds
  • Discussion Mode: Only comments that are over 100 characters will be shown

I think these features will be great especially for broadcasters who have a large following and their viewer commenting can get overwhelming or for those trying to decrease any Trolls that might comment.

It appears that Facebook is looking to introduce a Live Video Producer features to users. Screenshots of this feature have been appearing all over the web but no one has yet to have access nor has Facebook made any official comment. If this tool goes live broadcasters will be able to integrate up to 5 formats, have up to 4 people on screen at a time plus include graphics, video and lower third. An exciting development which I am sure brands like BeLive.Tv are watching very carefully.

In more fun Facebook live news, I recently found this update that allows mobile app users to go live and play interactive games with viewers. Games include:

  • This or That — A game where you are given two predetermined topics to choose from and you must convince your viewers to vote for one over the other using hashtags. Facebook tallies up the hashtag votes in the comments to produce a winner. I played this a couple of times now and find it wildly entertaining and interactive.
  • Gify News — A game that also relies on hashtags where there is news ticker at the top of the steam that will show hashtags which the broadcaster can select and then do a fun news story about the topic alongside a silly GIF that pertains to the topic. Viewers can add their own hashtag topics to the ticker by putting them in the comments.

Along with all the other fun things you can do when going live from your phone like broadcasting with a friend, masks and fun filters, Facebook is really encouraging more interaction and engagement with users. As of right now this is not rolled out to all users and is only available on profiles (not Business Pages)

You may already have seen some of the improvements that Facebook is making to groups. One of the most noticeable are badges for Admins, Moderators and New Members. But Facebook is going several steps further with features like Welcome posts, which allow you to easily since admins can now write a welcome post that will automatically tag new joiners. Another new feature is member profiles. “when group members click on another person’s name they will be directed to a group-specific profile, based on publicly-available information like things they may share in common and a feed of that person’s activity in the group.” Facebook has also enhanced group insights for admins giving them the tools they need to continue to grow thriving communities of active members.


Car dealers rejoice, Facebook introduced marketplace for car dealers that include Kelly Blue Book Pricing. So if you are in the market for a new car Facebook makes it even easier to find what you need.

If you are an Instagram users, by now I am sure you have heard the news that Stories live now has two people broadcasting. The feature allows the broadcaster to select a viewer to go live on screen with them. The cool part is the guest’s followers will be notified that they went live so you can team up to build your audience and expand your reach. A great tool for interviews, live discussions, and Q&As. The stories only last 24 hours and at this time you cannot download them once they are done. But for those of you wanting to bring more value to your audience as well as grow your following, this could be a great way to do that. Have you tried the new two-person broadcasting? What do you think? Don’t forget you can Tweet to me @stellar247.

Instagram recently introduced a super zoom feature that allows to to create a short video in stories that literally super zooms on your subject. I tried it out, it was super silly. Not sure if it has much use but there you go. Enjoy.

In Twitter rumor news, Twitter looks to be testing a location sharing feature that will allow you to share your exact location via a DM. If you remember from my Social Media Saturday update last week I shared how WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) rolled out this type of feature already. I will be curious to see if this takes off on Twitter as I for one NEVER check my Direct Messages after years of receiving auto messages and spam.

In a move that makes anyone who has ever sent a drunk text happy, WhatsApp now lets users recall messages they didn’t mean to send. I can think of so many times I wish I had this on Facebook messenger so I REALLY hope they bring it there as well.

Slack recently introduce interactive screen sharing for calls for dedicated app users who have a pro account. According to Slack’s blog announcement the feature is super easy to use. “To begin, simply share your screen from a Slack call, and hit the “share control of your screen” button. Each participant will then receive their own cursor, along with the ability to type, edit, scroll, and click through the contents of the shared screen.” I could see this being incredibly valuable for teams who work on projects together, business meetings for various departments to collaborate with as well as freelancers who wish to do interactive brainstorming session with their clients. Source:

In an attempt to make messaging easier and more convenient plus add a little ai into the mix, LinkedIn has rolled out smart replies in their messenger tool. LinkedIn will serve up basic replys you can use to answer someone. Many users may already be familiar with similar tools on Google apps like Gmail.

Snapchat users can now expect marketers to ruin the platform with this new feature that allows users to share external links into Snapchat. As a marketer, I love this, but as a user, I know that if history has taught us anything, it will go downhill fast. Word to the wise, if it brings value to your followers or the people you are chatting with, this will be super helpful. If not and it is just self serving, don’t share the link. P.S. this is different than the feature that allows you to share links in your stories within the app. The biggest difference is instead of having to search for the url, you can be on the website where your content is hosted and click the share button on your phone, and snapchat will now be an option.

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