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Google buys podcast app 60db

Google buys podcast app 60db which will shut down officially on November 10th. The team at 60db will be absorbed into Google and be working on a new project yet to be announced. According to their bio on Medium 60dB “brings you today’s best short audio stories. News, sports, business, entertainment, comedy stories & more — personalized for you.”. If that sounds familiar for those of you on Anchor, there is a reason. They are very similar apps. Although from what I can tell 60db focused more on listeners as users whereas Anchor seems to focus more on content creators as their main users. Either way, this will be an important move by Google to keep your eyes on if you are looking to take leaps in the sound sector. Anyone who listened to my clip on Anchor yesterday knows that when big companies make moves, smaller companies can either win or lose. Case in point, when Meerkat launched its live video broadcasting app, they were the golden child. Periscope came to the scene and didn’t pose much threat to the promising Meerkat app that was being touted at south by southwest and had far fewer trolls than Periscope. All up until Twitter purchased Periscope and effectively killed Meerkat. The moral of the story is to be ready to move and diversify in these wild west days of short-form audio networks and apps.
Fun fact 60db is the sound level of the average conversation.

Twitter looks to add bookmark feature

Twitter looking to add bookmarks so you can save tweets to read later (similar to Facebook’s save feature)

I think this will be a great feature as I am already using Twitter for research and content purposes but let’s be honest, if it is anything like Facebook’s save feature, I will save all kinds of things then never look at them again. I can’t be alone in that right?
Okay just for fun and quick poll: How many of you save things on Facebook and never go back and look at your saved stuff?

Instagram design guidelines for iOS

Instagram stories now have a guideline feature to help you get centered
It would appear that this is currently only available to iOS users so those of us on Android will just have to wait.

Snapchat introduces context cards

If you want more context to the things, you see on Snapchat? These context cards will give you that. According to the Snapchat blog: “Context Cards display information about the Snap you’re viewing — powered by amazing content from our partners like TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Michelin, and goop.
Context Cards also provide a way to take simple actions like calling for a ride with Uber or Lyft or reserving a table through OpenTable, Resy or Bookatable. We’ve also integrated Stories into Context Cards, making it easy to see more Snaps from the places that interest you.”

In other Snapchat news I am back on Snapchat annoying people with my excessive use of face filters and sharing photos of my mugs (you know because I don’t have cats) so feel free to add me @stellar247

Facebook officially launches “order food” feature

Facebook officially launches “order food” feature making it easier for ordering food for pick-up and delivery! “Users can find the new option “Order Food” in the Explore menu in the Facebook app, where you can then browse area restaurants and click “Start Order” when you know what you” I am always a fan of services that make getting food to my house easier. Yes, I love to cook, but when I don’t, I want more choices. I can honestly say that if a decent sushi restaurant in my area started offering delivery, I would single-handedly keep them in business.


Facebook now requires you to add titles to the videos you upload. (still rolling out)

I think it is fantastic as I always forget to go back and add the title. This makes it easier for people to browse your video library on your pages by the way. Now, if only Facebook would add a search function on the video tab, THAT would be uber helpful!

Facebook will be rolling out Facebook stories to pages

In a move that will most likely hurt stories on facebook rather than help, Facebook has told TechCrunch they will be rolling out stories to pages. Via TechCrunch: “Facebook exclusively told TechCrunch that Facebook Stories is opening up to Pages. The feature is rolling out over the coming month to all pages, including brands, news publishers, athletes, entertainers, and nonprofits.”

For those of you marketers rejoicing, I would remind you of a couple of things… Facebook stories are not exactly taking off with users. Yes, Facebook stories are getting new life with the Instagram integration we talked about last week, but there is still little action over there. So how beneficial this will be to pages and their bottom line is yet to be seen. Further, Facebook will most likely make this move to boost their user numbers, making it easier to tout story ads to marketers. Will I use this feature? Hell yes! Do I recommend other pages use this feature, only if it does not take you too much time or energy or if you enjoy stories? That being said, the likelihood of Facebook allowing IG business page stories to push to stories now are 100% looking good, so there is that.

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