Social Media Weekend Update December 17, 2017

Welcome to the Social Media Weekend Update for December 17, 2017. This week our focus will be on Instagram and Facebook with Facebook rolling out a ton new updates to users.

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Instagram News

Instagram now gives you the ability to follow hashtags. This might be handy for you if you have your own hashtag and you want to see how people use it, when following your competition or when you are simply interested in that topic.

Instagram stories can be archived and saved for later PLUS you can also create story collections that will be pinned to the top of your profile. This is actually something I talked about last weekend in the social media weekend update but I wanted to touch back on it. Since it’s released I have seen some great ways to use this. I think these collections are great ways to showcase the topics you talk about or themes you share on your profile. For example, if you are a hairstylist you could do a collection of men’s cuts, one for updos and another for color. If you are a realtor you could do a collection of the different parts of town or various communities you work in.

Instagram rolls out rights manager giving content creators more control over their copyrighted materials. Mainly videos. Upload your video assets to rights manager and Facebook as well as Instagram will take down your content that is being uploaded without permission.

Facebook News

Facebook rolling out WhatsApp call to action buttons in Facebook ads.This makes sense since WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and they recently released business accounts. Not to mention it is used by 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Facebook rolling out WhatsApp button options for Pages.

Facebook is testing out a new privacy option for comments making it so that commenters can set who they would want to see the comment. It would basically be public as it is now or set to friends and the post owner. I love this development. I think it will lead to less hostility on comment threads. I will give you an example, my very liberal 85-year-old grandmother made a comment on a news article some time back and she had 20+ replies, a majority of which were people calling her crazy or stupid simply because they do not agree with her political stance. Now I don’t always agree with my grandmother’s political stance but it hurt me to see so many people disrespect my grandmother, who is one of the most wonderful people I know. The thing is, her comment was even that bad and if it was restricted to just the poster and her connections she would not have to put up with such abuses. People are out of control out there. This may help curb that issue a bit. More at

Facebook rolls out “our story” in the about section giving page admins more space to tell people about their business. It performs a lot like a blog post but you can only have the one post. So there is formatting but you would not post ongoing notes or blogs here. It is useful in expanding on the about section and sharing a more in-depth explanation of a brand. I would also think this could help with SEO so I would suggest people add something to this feature. Think of it as similar to the about section on your website.

Facebook rolling out a snooze button to mute people, pages, and groups for 30 days. This is something we have seen them test in the past but it appears it is getting the green light. I bet this will come in really handy around election season. This is also really handy for me to go in and mute all the people on Facebook who keep posting that cut and paste post about the algorithm changing and everyone should comment on their post so they can see each other’s posts more…Um, yeah that is not how Facebook works and that is dumb so instead of unfollowing, I will just mute them.

According to Matt Navara with The Next Web, Facebook is testing stories from desktop allowing users to actually record and create stories from their desktop computers. Not sure if this will help Facebook get stories off the ground but it may help some users at least try to create a story on the platform. Time will tell if this will get rolled out to all users.

And there you have it! Your social media news for December 17th 2017!

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